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Here are some of the things people have said about us on direct text messages or from SquareUp:

"The best acupuncturist I've ever been to. She knows what she's doing and was able to help me a great deal." said AV 10/22/2021

"I feel so great! So happy to have found her." said ZZ 7/2021

"I felt as though I was in very capable hands. In fact, I already feel some improvement! I was able to turn my head while driving home! I feel very hopeful that there is going to be a great improvement overall." And later, "As last time, I felt as though my health issues were being treated in a professional, caring manner. I have a very positive outlook toward marked improvement in my pain issues." said DF 9/28/2015

"Was wonderful! Thank you!!" said AR 8/2019

"Excellent caregiver. ThankĀ  you." said BRS 8/2019

"I always feel good when I’m walking out of the office." said KD 8/2019

"The best care, as always!" said KB 7/2019

"Nanci you are super thorough, caring & effective." said LM 7/2019

"Very concerned about the wellbeing of her patients." said BH 7/2019

"Always an excellent and therapeutic experience! Can’t wait for my next appointment. It’s great to feel well." said SM 7/2019

"You are a five star acupuncturist Nanci, if any want to know!" said RC 10/2019

"Thank you Nanci for a great session today and you make me laugh. You are getting even better hitting the nail on the butt of the problem. I did so well." said JCS 5/2019

How about you?

I look forward to hearing what YOU think.

I welcome all feedback, and love to keep improving!